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Runway Departure Procedure 21 - 03 ........
Please review and follow our approach and departure
procedures for runway 21 - 03

These procedures are necessary to provide a safe airport environment for our activities and to protect our surrounding neighbors
November 7, 2018
Urgent message for all Mishawaka Pilots Club and Mishawaka Air Activities Members:
Effective immediately we are requiring that all aircraft operating at the Mishawaka Pilots Club (3C1) Airport follow these new procedures: (this includes transient aircraft)
When departing runway 21, maintain runway heading until reaching at least 700 feet AGL
If departing the grass area that is parallel to runway 21, side step right as soon as practical and fly runway heading as above (Unless an emergency situation exists).

Please climb at your best Rate or Angle of climb until reaching 700 feet AGL

When landing on runway 03, Make left base turns at least 1/2 of a mile from the threshold, and line up with the runway so as to not over fly the home as depicted in the attached picture. (Note that the home is approximately 1200 feet from the displaced threshold of runway 03)
At all times avoid over flight under 1000 feet AGL of the designated area on the attached picture.

Please stay within the red bordered area, this is the FAA flight path for obstruction clearance.
Violation of these operating procedures may result in termination of your membership, and use of the airport.

Remember this is a private airport that grants public use, and we reserve the right to ban anyone willfully disregarding these procedures or operating in a reckless manner.


The Board of Directors of The Mishawaka Pilots Club
These procedures are to be posted in the Club House Vestibule.